WordPress 2.3 Coming Soon

Aug 24, 2007

It appears that WordPress 2.3 has been feature frozen, and has now entered the bug hunting and fixing phase. The listing of what's new seems pretty bare bones, but I guess that is to be expected on a shorter release schedule. One of the big new features coming is tagging, something I've neither been impressed with nor interested in. Does anyone here make use of that on any other website? I don't see too much difference between tags and categories, so why include them? What I really wish they'd get around to adding is an automated updating feature; migrating to a new version is really painful.

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2:18 PM on Aug 25, 2007
I've wondered what the difference between a tag and a category is before too. Posts can have multiple tags, and they can be filed under multiple categories, so what's the point? As near as I can tell, the only difference is that tags are more specific and intended to be used to search for similar posts, while categories are broader and meant to be used for browsing. But it's entirely up to the creator of the content to tag/categorize the posts in that way. The only use I've found for tags are on large sites (namely Engadget) that make a lot of posts a day, but I only care about things from a few tags, so I just subscribe to those tags.
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