Waiting for the Next Best Thing

Aug 22, 2007

For what seems like an eternity now, I've been trying to decide whether to purchase an Apple iPod to replace my Creative Zen Micro (I've outgrown the 5 GB of storage). And wouldn't you know it? Just as I seriously start to move towards purchasing one, my favorite retailer quietly stops stocking them.

A UBS Investment Research analyst recently speculated that Apple might refresh their iPod lineup in the next month or so:

In his note to clients, the UBS analyst also said he expects Apple to refresh its iPod video and iPod nano lines sometime next month. Among the expected introductions are higher capacity iPod nanos at aggressive price points, as well as a flash based widescreen video iPod likely using multi-touch technology for less than $300.

Will all the large iPods go to flash based technology? That would be a surprise to me. The largest flash drives I've seen on the market are 16 GB, far short of the 30 GB size of today's iPods. And what about this price increase? Quoting a price point of less than $300 indicates to me that the new device will cost somewhere between $250 (the current price) and $300 (I'm going to predict $299). It just so happens that $250 is about as much as I'm willing to pay, especially since I still have to buy a separate wall charger (which I still contend is highway robbery). I just wish Amazon would stock the 30 GB players again at $225 ($25 off). If they did, I'd be sold.

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