Awaiting Bioshock

Aug 16, 2007

One of the first reviews of Bioshock has been posted, and it paints a really exciting picture. The verdict? 10 out of 10! I'm a big fan of the System Shock series, and seeing that Bioshock is a 'spiritual successor,' really gets me pumped. The screenshots evoke memories of Myst, System Shock 2, and Oblivion, all rolled together. I simply can't wait!

8:27 AM on Aug 17, 2007
I just played the demo last night on Xbox 360 (a coworker is letting me borrow his for a few weeks). I enjoyed it a lot, although I think I'd be able to control it much better playing the PC version (dual-stick console FPS is still kind of alien to me). I also noticed an accessibility type thing: you can turn on captions not just for the dialog, but for art and signs and events. So when you're pointing at a sign it might say propaganda in the captions. Or when there's a loud screeching noise, there's a caption that says so. I can't remember seeing that option before in a game.
9:43 AM on Aug 17, 2007
I've never been a fan of the dual-stick controllers on the "next-gen" consoles, which is one major reason I haven't purchased one. The controllers seem way too big these days. Why can't we go back to the good-ol' SNES days? That controller was perfect! I hear that the PC version of Bioshock will have several PC-only features, such as an improved menu system and other goodies. It sounds like they are giving us PC gaming holdouts some love, which I'm incredibly excited about. The captioning option is interesting. I believe that Oblivion has that feature, though I've never turned it on. It's good to see that developers are thinking about that kind of thing. It's got to be so incredibly easy to implement.
8:10 PM on Aug 23, 2007
Dude, Bioshock looks awesome. Too bad I don't get to play :-(
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