Pump Station Ruins

Mar 31, 2007

I have posted a new photo album detailing the ruins of the Eno River pump station. It was used from 1887 to 1927 to supply drinking water to the city of Durham. Amazingly, after only 80 years, the ruins have been all but forgotten, as the forest has swallowed it up completely. I highly recommend visiting this site in Eno River State Park; it is well worth the trip.

Another photo album will also be appearing in the next day or so, showcasing some of the other things to be seen along the Pump Station trail.

7:58 AM on Apr 2, 2007
Very interesting how quickly the forest can reclaim land from a man-made structure. Looking at the pictures, I kept thinking it would have been a fun place to play in to use as a fort when I was younger (although the twenty foot drop would have made it a little dangerous). Also, you clearly like the word "clearly." :)
8:51 AM on Apr 2, 2007
Also, you clearly like the word "clearly."
That's a bad habit I have. It is often the case that I have to go back through what I write several times, removing redundant or repeated words. I apparently try to stick with a "theme" throughout what I write, and it tends to end up sounding like the same thing over and over. I've cleaned up some of the captions as a result. Good editors are hard to find. :-) And, yes, this would have been an awesome place to play as a kid. The mosquitoes are pretty bothersome in the summer time, however. It's still early enough that they weren't a problem when I went out there.
9:12 AM on Apr 2, 2007
I find it interesting that the year Durham started using this pump station is the same year that NC State University was established. 1887 must have been an interesting year.
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