One to Throw Away

Jan 11, 2007

In his seminal book The Mythical Man-Month, Fred Brooks devotes an entire chapter to one particular idea in software development: plan to throw one away. Though I failed to complete the planning part of his recommendation, I do intend to throw away the current version of my photo album package, Monkey Album, which I employ here at this website. There are a number of improvements I wish to make to the package:

  • Allow user comments for each photograph.
  • Use cruft-free URLs instead of the ugly query strings currently in use.
  • Improve captioning capability, allowing URLs and HTML formatting.
  • Other, behind the scenes improvements.

All of this is in the concept stage at the moment, so what suggestions might you have for improvements? Are there things you dislike about the way I present my photos here at this site? Feel free to comment.

11:25 PM on Jan 11, 2007
One thing I did on my site is strip down the photo-viewing page, so the header is only like 60 pixels tall. That way I didn't have to scroll down to see each new photo (there are over 400 pixels between the top of the page and the top of the image on your site, for example). Just something to consider.
9:33 AM on Jan 12, 2007
That's an interesting idea, Kip, and a great suggestion. I might play with the overall site template to reduce that "header height" on all pages; it does seem a bit tall. I guess running at 1600 x 1200 spoils me a little bit.
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