How (Not) to Sell Fast Food

Sep 5, 2006

I've been meaning for some time to comment on several fast food commercials that have been airing on TV. I find each one quite repulsive, and each motivates me to stay away from its respective establishment.

First up is a McDonald's ad. In it, a team of girl soccer players plays a game on an incredibly muddy field. I guess that the McDonald's folks are trying to appeal to those who have a thing for mud-covered young women. But what really gets me is what the narrator (one of the girls in the ad, presumably) says. She tells the viewer that she is someone. And not just someone, but someone like you. So, are they trying to say that if you work at McDonald's you're a nobody? Or some kind of freak? I've certainly never thought that way of McDonald's employees. While I do consider McDonald's among the lower echelons of the job pool, I don't go around each day making fun of those people. It's sad that McDonald's own self image is so poor. I guess it's somewhat deserved, however.

Next up, is any Hardee's ad that's aired in the past few years. Hardee's has tried vigorously to change its image, after suffering incredible setbacks a number of years ago. Their new image strives to be "tough" or "macho." But, at least to me, they end up being homoerotic. There's something about listening to two scruffy guys chew that's just not appealing. I get a major case of the jibblies any time I see one of these. Jibbly jibbly.

Finally are the recent Wendy's ads. What's up with the off key whistling that goes on? It's not musical and it's incredibly disturbing. I really miss Dave Thomas; his ads were simple and to the point.

I don't know what it is with ads these days, but the quality has really gone down the toilet. Not that ads were that good to begin with.

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