Zalman VF-900 Install Process

Aug 18, 2006

Not too long ago, I posted a Zalman VF900 review and, due to my lack of a digital camera at the time, failed to post any images about the install process. Now that I have a camera, and due to my recent computer rebuild, I have posted a small photo set of the install process.

This time around, installation was much easier since I knew what to expect. Thankfully, the stock cooler on the eVGA GeForce 7900GT was easy to remove, unlike my previous card. And the Zalman cooler is, as always, a snap to install. Although I don't have any current screenshots, my temperatures on this new card are phenomenal. The idle temperature stays around 40 degrees Celsius, and the highest load temperature I've seen has been a paltry 45 degrees! As I said before, I highly recommend the Zalman cooler; it truly works wonders.

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