Savannah Wildlife Refuge Photos

Dec 29, 2006

While in Georgia visiting relatives, my family took a trip to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge (as we do every time we visit relatives in Georgia). I had my camera with me, and a new photo set is the result. The main feature of the refuge, at least for my family, is the 4-mile auto tour that the public can take. We always try to see how many alligators we can spot (we saw 0 the first day and 5 the second), and we greatly enjoy the bird watching (the number of birds that can be seen at the refuge boggles the mind). Keep in mind that all of the animals at the refuge are wild; it's not a zoo!

The best thing about the refuge is that every trip is unique. On one particular visit years ago we spotted a feral hog, something we haven't seen again (though feral hogs do apparently live at the refuge). Another memorable trip was only a few years ago, when we ran into a cluster of between 100 and 150 alligators, all of whom were fighting over a school of fish who were just spawning. I truly wish I had had a camera at that particular time; the sight was truly incredible and something I will never forget.

If you ever happen to be in the Savannah area, I highly recommend a trip to the refuge. It's a great, relaxing, and (yes) educational time.

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