Things Fall Apart

Sep 27, 2005

What a morning! After a late night of packing, I wake up late, have breakfast, and finish some last minute packing chores. Then I pack up a suitcase with the stuff I'll need over the next day or two (or three) and put everything that's not to be put in the moving trucks on my bed. In doing so, I notice several items which have been lurking in the corner of my room for several days. I have no boxes to put them in (in fact, several items wouldn't have fit in a box anyway), so I go out to put them in the trunk of my car. As I slam the trunk shut, I realize a horrible truth: my keys are there in the trunk, along with everything else. And naturally, all of my car doors are locked.

With my dad's help, we locate the key box (which was packed away in the attic), but no spare key is to be found. My dad had made use of the spare a while back, so he was the last one to be seen with it. After placing a call with a local locksmith, my mom finally finds the spare: in a box of my dad's belongings. I cancel the locksmith, finish packing, and head out to work. On the way, an hour and a half late mind you, my car's check-engine light comes on.

I have no idea what the problem is, and I have no time to take it to the shop. Tomorrow I take a half-day of vacation to carry my cat over to the new house (which should be painful), and to meet the cable guy. And all of this rests on the hopes that one of the realtor's agents will meet me at the house with a key to get in.

I'll be so glad when all of this is over...

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