So Sick of Cardboard Boxes

Sep 25, 2005

With the movers coming Tuesday afternoon, anything and everything in sight is being placed in a box. Most of our stuff gets packed Tuesday, and the rest gets packed Wednesday morning. Later that same day, we close on our current house and on the new one. Then everything gets moved in to the new house after that. I'm definitely looking forward to the end of all that.

I still have a decent amount of stuff to pack in my room, although I have made excellent progress. I would estimate that I'm nearly 85% done. But with tomorrow evening being the only time I have to finish everything, I'm beginning to panic a little bit. I know I'll get it done - it just seems so overwhelming now. There's no telling how many boxes I've already packed. 15? 20? 25? It's a lot, I know that. And so much of it is junk!

This is my last post from this house (my computer gets packed up tomorrow night when I get home from work). And please note that I will be "off the air" for several days. With any luck, I can continue to make blog posts from work. But don't expect any progress on the Born Geek front: updates there will most likely resume in a week (or two).

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