Code Overload?

Aug 23, 2005

Before I ever began my programming career, I had a sneaking suspicion that an abundance of coding at work would lead to decreased programming activity at home. And I fear that this is indeed becoming the case with me. I write a mixture of C++ and Perl all day long, five days a week. This level of productivity really taxes my mind, and it has recently resulted in an increase of non-computing related activity each evening. I’m reading books more often (Prince Valiant has certainly helped in that arena), and I’m watching more TV than I used to. I even occasionally go outside! Things like Googlebar Lite and my toolbar tutorial are slipping as a result. I dislike it, but my motivation for programming after 5:00 PM has dropped greatly. Weekends provide some level of salvation, but is that enough?

Andrew Beacock
3:43 AM on Aug 24, 2005
Jonah, I'm amazed that you get anything done outside of work. I'm a software developer (although do more project management now :( ) and I've had all sorts of ideas for home development projects and have never really even started any of them. To be able to create a Firefox extension tutorial is quite a feat in itself! Good luck in trying to motivate yourself to do it, at least you know you have one avid reader interested in what you are up to. Andy.
8:31 PM on Aug 24, 2005
Thanks for the kind comments, Andrew! I hope to make some inroads on Googlebar Lite and other miscellaneous things this weekend. Hopefully nothing major will get in the way!
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