My New Notebook Mouse

Jun 27, 2005

While over at the local Target yesterday (a store I truly enjoy visiting, by the way), I picked up a Logitech Notebook Optical Mouse Plus. This thing has to be the coolest little mouse I've seen for notebooks. Not only was the $19.99 price tag $5 cheaper than the Microsoft equivalent, but it's better in almost every regard. The coolest feature is the cord management system. When you're done using the mouse, you wrap the cord around the base and snap the USB connector to the bottom, covering (and thus protecting) the optical sensor. What an incredibly novel concept!

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Shep Bostin
8:02 AM on Jul 1, 2005
I couldn't agree more. I carry one in my briefcase for when I have to work on somebody else's laptop and all they have is one of those god-awful built-in pads. And I also have one in my own laptop bag for when I travel. "Don't leave home without it." :)
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