Christmas Progress

Dec 25, 2005

I've made progress on two fronts today:

  • Googlebar Lite now sports an auto-complete search box, just like the URL bar in Firefox. Although it's still a prototype, I have a good feeling that this is what I'll be going to in the future. The new interface should also allow for some interesting new options.
  • Only 10 books remain unpurchased in my Prince Valiant collection. I hope to update the corresponding page sometime soon, providing more information on each volume. I'd also like to track how much I've been spending on these, just for kicks. It will most likely be a shocking amount in the end.

I'm off to my grandparent's house in Georgia tomorrow, but I'm taking my work laptop. Perhaps I can make some progress on non-work related stuff. I definitely plan to do so later this week, when I return.

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