Less Like Christmas

Dec 24, 2005

This Christmas season is the first one in my life that hasn't felt like Christmas at all. I've just had the most difficult time this year actually believing that it is December, and that the holiday season draws nearer and nearer. Most of this is due to the lack of a winter break. Every year for as long as I can remember, December has meant time off from the daily grind (which, for the most part, was school). But this year, I didn't get to take any time off, mostly because I didn't have any time to take. Today was my first day 'off' from work, which says absolutely nothing, seeing as it's a Saturday. Thankfully, I'll be taking all of next week off, but this break is coming a little late for me.

Moving into our new home is also partially responsible for my lack of any Christmas spirit. We have done a ton of stuff to the house since we moved in (it seems everything needs fixing), and I still have a number of unpacked boxes in my room. Maybe this week I can recharge myself enough to actually get some stuff done. Unfortunately, I brought some of my work home with me (deadlines are looming) and that might take some of the restfulness out of this break. We'll see how things progress over the coming few weeks ... hopefully I can get back to a more normal routine soon.

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