FF 1.5 and GBL 3.2

Nov 29, 2005

Firefox 1.5 has been released! If you haven't updated already, get to it!

To help celebrate this most excellent occasion, I've released a new version of Googlebar Lite. Version 3.2 adds a new Catalan (ca-ES) translation, the ability to remove individual items from the search history, a few usability tweaks, and several bug fixes. Next stop, some updates to the toolbar tutorial!

Victor Norman
4:35 PM on Nov 30, 2005
Yes, please update your tutorial to show what needs to be changed to support FF1.5. I wrote an extension based very closely on your tutorial for GBL, and now my extension doesn't work with FF1.5. I miss it terribly! I wait with bated breath for the update. If you can find any other tutorials, etc. on the web on what to do to port an extension from 1.0 to 1.5, please highlight them. I haven't found any yet. Thanks. Vic.
9:11 AM on Dec 1, 2005
Waaaaaa! You removed Google Maps from your search options. Is Google.com removing it from its search options? I know about GoogleEarth. I prefer Google Maps. Gerry
9:20 AM on Dec 1, 2005
Sorry for the above. I just discovered Google Maps is covered under Google Local. I'm happy again. Verrrrry happy! But why Google Local?????? Gerry
11:14 AM on Dec 1, 2005
"Google Local" is the name Google gave to their "Google Maps" search type. I think it's a dumb name, but I chose to stick with their naming convention (just to be consistent). If enough people think I should change the name back to Google Maps, I can certainly do that. Google Local is just too confusing!
9:39 PM on Dec 1, 2005
For my money, Google did more damage by changing the icon than the name. Gerry
9:56 PM on Dec 1, 2005
Which icon are you referring to? Google Local doesn't appear to have a favicon associated with it...
12:02 AM on Dec 3, 2005
The "Search Local" toolbar icon. Google Maps was a star. Google Local appears to be a billiard ball. :) :) Gerry
12:28 PM on Dec 3, 2005
Googlebar Lite has always used the globe icon for Google Maps (ever since I released Google Maps support), and it has not changed at all with Google Local. Perhaps you have a skinned version of Googlebar Lite? I don't recall ever using a star icon... Maybe I should use the push-pin icon that Google Maps uses to mark locations on the map? That might be an interesting change. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
8:05 PM on Dec 5, 2005
No, I was referring to the Google search icons, Jonah. "I Feel Lucky" is a clover leaf, "Froogle" is a shopping cart, "Google Maps" used to be a star and God only knows what "Google Local" is supposed to be. Gerry
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