October Potpourri

Oct 3, 2005
  • I still have no connection to the internet at home (although our network has been set up). Running a cable up to my room looks like it will be too difficult, so I'm researching some wireless solutions. I hope to be up and running tonight (tomorrow night at the latest).
  • Googlebar Lite development has been very slow recently. Once I get back online, I hope to make some progress on this front: version 3.0 is long overdue. Firefox 1.5 Beta 2 and Beta 1 support will finally be available in 3.0, so that should please a number of people.
  • My 22" monitor got hosed during the move. :( I've gone back to my 19" (which can only do 1280x1024), and I'm looking for a replacement (I've got to have 1600x1200). Dare I go to the dark side and buy an LCD?
  • I turned 25 yesterday. :D
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