Giddy as a School Girl

Oct 15, 2005

Yesterday, I received my NEC FE2111SB 22" CRT monitor from, and I finally got a chance to set it up this morning. What a beauty! The monitor was listed as "not exactly new" on Azatek's web page. I have found only two flaws with the monitor: the face plate is lightly scratched (you have to be looking for it to see it) and one of the buttons on the front plate is indented (it looks like it's stuck in the depressed position, but the button is completely functional - it's just cosmetically out of line with the others). Both of these items are minor; I think they give the monitor "character".

I only have good things to say about Azatek. I placed my order last weekend (on Friday morning) and was assured that it would be mailed that day. When I received notification from UPS that it had not been mailed, I contacted Azatek's customer service. They promptly replied via email, stating that the monitor was not able to fit in that day's UPS shipment (the box this thing came in is gigantic, and apparently the UPS truck was full of other packages). My monitor was sent out first thing Monday morning, and got here (via UPS ground) yesterday. The monitor was extremely well packaged (these folks really know what they are doing) and it's in awesome shape! If you're in the market for a CRT, check Azatek out. I was pleasantly surprised by their fast, friendly service. And the low, low price of $337.80 (that includes shipping) didn't hurt either!

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